When Real Estate Disputes Threaten To Spoil A Deal

In the course of real estate-related transactions and relationships, disputes sometimes throw wrenches in the deal. One or more parties may then be at risk of losing money, property or opportunities to buy, sell, lease or use residential or commercial property. At the first sign of a conflict, it is recommended that an affected person or entity seek legal counsel.

At Smith DeVoss, PLLC, in Plano, Texas, experienced attorneys can provide you with knowledgeable counsel on a real estate conflict or litigation matter such as a/an:

  • Partition petition
  • Conflict between neighbors
  • Boundary dispute
  • Adverse possession action
  • Breach of conflict claim
  • Specific performance enforcement action
  • Escrow services-related conflict
  • Title defects
  • Mechanics' liens
  • Tenant rights dispute
  • Property defects claim
  • Property rights conflict
  • Eviction or potential eviction

At our residential and commercial real estate law firm, you can count on clear explanations, close communications and an education on the legal issues involved in your property dispute. Our real estate lawyers will advise you of all options for resolving your case, including:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation or arbitration
  • Administrative hearings, if applicable
  • Courtroom litigation before a judge and/or jury

Our goal for our litigation clients is for them to understand their cases well enough to make decisions in their best interests. When it comes time to decide whether to accept a settlement offer or take the case before a judge, we want you to feel confident to make that call yourself with our full support.

In addition to representing clients in real estate conflicts, we handle a full array of real estate transactions, including document preparation and closings of purchase-sale deals.

Smith DeVoss, PLLC, Evaluates Real Estate Disputes With No Further Obligation

Consultations at our Plano, TX, law firm are free. This is a great advantage for someone who is not sure whether the facts warrant filing a claim or lawsuit. We invite you to reach us by phone at 214-216-6133 or complete the online contact form on this website.