Comprehensive Probate And Guardianship Services

If you are responsible for settling and closing the estate of a loved one, you have the opportunity to respect his or her wishes and honor a legacy. You may also need advice on how to execute your duties properly as the executor or personal representative. You will most likely face unfamiliar questions, burdens and challenges. Smith DeVoss, PLLC, in Plano, has abundant experience in probate law. Our lawyers can help you complete this important job.

Estate Administration

If your family member's estate planning was complete and up to date, administration of the estate should be efficient. Our attorneys can advise you in completion of each step of the process and prevent allegations of fiduciary improprieties.

On the other hand, if there was no will (a circumstances described as "intestate") or if the will contained gaps or was outdated, the probate process may be difficult and time-consuming. In the event of a will contest or probate litigation, our firm's strengths in litigation will be an asset.

Establishing Guardianships — Administration Of Guardianships

Perhaps a child, elderly person or disabled adult in your family needs someone to manage his or her financial affairs and other legal matters. Smith DeVoss, PLLC, is a trusted name in guardianship law. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to facilitate this important step.

Once a guardianship is in place, we can take the lead in ensuring that you, as a guardian, fulfill all responsibilities to that person (the "ward") and his or her finances. For customized counsel on guardianship administration, contact us.

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