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Is your will up to date? Are your trusts in order? Do you need to add or subtract provisions in your will? Get answers to your particular questions about wills and trusts by contacting Smith DeVoss, PLLC, in Plano, Texas. We are prepared to apply our experience in estate planning to deliver customized solutions appropriate for your goals and circumstances.

Does Your Will Need A Check-Up?

A rule of thumb as to how often you should review existing estate planning documents with an attorney is about every five years. You should also make it a habit to check up on your estate plan if you experience significant life events such as a marriage, divorce, birth of children, or business ownership.

If any of these issues apply in your case or if you have moved to Texas since creating estate planning documents, Smith DeVoss, PLLC, urges you to schedule a check-up with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. We have extensive experience in will preparation, signing, review and revision.

For best results, bring your existing estate planning documents to your initial consultation with one of our Texas probate and estate planning lawyers. Bring ideas or notes about your legacy goals.

Do you hope to take care of your spouse, donate to charity, transfer your business to one of your children or provide scholarships for your grandchildren? Are you concerned about what to do about your family's ranch or river home? We are here to address your concerns, answer your questions and create or redo your wills and trusts.

As Part Of Our Trust Preparation Services, We Will Also Ensure You 'Fund The Trust' Properly

Many people include one or more trusts in their wills. It is also possible to draft a standalone trust that is not part of a will. In either case, the trust will only work as it is intended if property is titled correctly.

For example, if you include your home in a trust as a way of transferring it seamlessly to a family member after your death, you will need to change the owner's name on the title. The new owner will be the trust. This example is not intended to address your individual circumstances or apply in all circumstances. For personalized advice and direction in estate planning in Texas, talk to an attorney.

A trust is a popular way to keep property out of probate. When a trust works as it is intended, it is a powerful legal tool that can help families preserve property across generations.

Let Us Know About Your Probate Or Estate Planning Needs

You may be responsible for carrying out a loved one's will or administering property in a trust. Our Plano, TX, law offices can be reached at 214-216-6133 or through our online contact form on this website.