Probate And Estate Planning Services

Every family will deal with probate issues at different times. It is not popular in our culture to think much about death but the future distribution of our assets is reality. If we fail to plan, state laws will determine who receives our money and other property after death.

How To Keep Your Estate Plan Up To Date

Thoughtful, thorough estate planning is not a luxury or something that is "nice to have." It is essential for protection of assets across generations.

Just as you take care of other personal finance and property matters — organizing financial documents, filing income tax returns, keeping home and car insurance policies up to date, and monitoring investments, for example — you should review and update your estate planning documents such as wills and trusts regularly.

Estate planning is an essential aspect of lifelong financial planning. Besides wills and estates, comprehensive estate planning may include powers of attorney and health care directives. At Smith DeVoss, PLLC, in Plano, our lawyers assist families through all phases of estate matters, probate and estate administration, establishment of guardianships and guardianship administration.

Client-Friendly Probate Services

At Smith DeVoss, PLLC, when we advise and represent clients through the probate process, we focus on making things as simple and timely as we can. We aim to relieve clients of burdens and complexity. Grieving may coincide with legal and financial obligations, and we consider it our job to do the heavy lifting. If obstacles or glitches come up such as a will contest, a creditor dispute or a conflict over trust administration, we are committed to resolving the situation promptly. If probate litigation becomes more complex, we are firmly committed to skillful advocacy for our clients.

Preserving assets, honoring the intent of the deceased and administering the estate in a timely manner are goals that guide us through the probate processes along with our clients.

All About Guardianships

Also through the probate courts, we help families and others establish temporary and permanent guardianships for children and vulnerable adults. We advise and assist guardians in carrying out their responsibilities. Our experience allows us to lighten the load of guardianship administration.

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