For Resolution Of Contractual Disputes

Contracts are at the heart of nearly all business operations and dealings. From the agreement between partners to establish a business to buy-sell deals with customers and suppliers, contracts set in motion the exchange of goods and services that make up the core of what a business is all about. Naturally, then, when something goes wrong internally or externally, one or more contracts are invariably involved.

Breach of contract allegations may arise over contracts such as:

  • Business formation agreements — Prevent conflicts that may come up later by getting your business off and running on solid footing.
  • Mergers and acquisitions — Clarify every detail before agreeing to merge with, acquire or sell out to another business. Resolve contract disputes that may develop over any related agreements.
  • Commercial lease agreements — Commercial tenants and business tenants may disagree on terms of a lease or a commercial tenant may fall behind in payments because of a business downturn.
  • Purchase-sale agreements — Business-to-business trade and business-to-customer deals fall in this category.
  • Service contracts for services rendered for or by external entities.
  • Shareholder agreements — People who invest in a business sometimes bring claims against the business for various violations.
  • Employment contracts, including executive compensation contracts, commission agreements and noncompete agreements

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