Business Contracts: Purchases, Sales, Leases And More

A business cannot exist or operate without contracts. Whether verbal or written, contracts are at the heart of a business in all its aspects, including:

  • Formation or startup — Entrepreneurs and business partners enter into agreements, including formation of entities that form the basis of a business's identity.
  • Shareholder agreements — As businesses grow, internally-based contracts spell out rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • Employment contracts and subcontractor agreements — Whether a business uses the labor of directly hired employers of independent contractors, contracts are fundamental to making sure the work gets done.
  • Commercial leases and/or commercial real estate purchase — The location of a business is established through the lease or purchase of a property, in most cases.
  • Contracts for the sale or lease of goods or services, including raw materials, manufactured goods, and services.

Smith DeVoss, PLLC, in Plano, assists business owners and managers in the conceptualization, drafting, formalizing and review of contracts. Regardless of what stage a contractual agreement is at, we can help you finish the job efficiently and in your best interests.

Our attorneys' experience handling contractual disputes has given us in-depth knowledge of what can go wrong with contracts. The best way to address contractual disputes is to avoid them altogether through well-drawn-up agreements.

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