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If you get into a dispute, you want to have a knowledgeable lawyer who wins in the courtroom. Likewise, if you are not in a dispute, though intent on buying a home or business, you want to make sure that you are protected, that the person who is selling it actually owns it, and the correct documentation has been prepared and executed.

We Are Tenacious, Spirited Business Litigation Attorneys

A prominent area of our law practice is business litigation. Since 1999, our firm has handled approximately 100 jury trials. We are ready to apply our fervor for fighting well to your business dispute.

Can your breach of contract case be settled to your advantage through negotiations or in mediation or arbitration? If there is a cost-saving, promising way to resolve your contractual dispute or other business litigation matter, we will certainly inform you of that option. But if your case needs to go to trial, we are 100 percent ready for the challenge. We will not advise you to take your case before a judge unless we believe we can win it for you.

Business Transactions, Too

We are experienced business transaction lawyers who believe in watching out for our clients' best interests. Whether we help you write up a contract, solidify a buy-sell agreement or start a new business, we will ensure a smooth transaction.

Our Approach To Real Estate Law

There is no such thing as a routine legal matter at Smith DeVoss, PLLC. We are tenacious, competitive former NFL collegiate and pro football players. This sport taught us the importance of playing to win.

When we take care of your legal real estate needs, please know we are committed to doing it right, protecting your rights and winning your respect. Satisfied clients walk away appreciative of our efforts and ultimately send us more clients through referrals.

When you bring a real estate dispute to our attention we formulate a plan to attain your goal. Sometimes negotiation is the best solution and sometimes a lawsuit is necessary. We will give you our best advice.

When you bring your pending real estate buy-sell transaction to our attention, we will prepare or review the sales contract, as necessary, and make sure the title is properly reviewed.A careful examination of the title records should confirm there are no lien interests that could be passed unknowingly from seller to buyer. We can close the transaction, handle escrow and facilitate transfer of the title to the new owner.

Law firms handle real estate matters every day. However, we are confident few do so with the passion for perfection that we do.

Probate And Estate Planning

We go beyond simple wills and standard probate and estate planning services. We can create a full array of complex, customized solutions. Protecting your legacy and family assets is the bottom line in this area of the law. We can also establish guardianships and defend clients who are opposed to being in a guardianship.

About Our Individual Backgrounds

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